Engagement Dress Advices

Engagement Dress Advices

Before the big wedding day, the engagement ceremony is one of the important steps of marriage. Some brides want and plan big organizations while some of them just want a small ceremony; preferably a house party. Whether you want a big organization or a small one, you definitely want your engagement dress to be perfect. If you want a special and notable dress for your big day, you are in the right place.

First of all, the place you are going to have your engagement party is important. If you are planning a simple party in your house, the dress had better be simple and comfortable as much as possible. Being in a small space with all of the guests might be hard if you wear a long, fluffy, heavy and complex dress. Mid-level, not too fluffy and light fabric dresses are the perfect choices for a house party. If you do not want a basic fabric for your engagement dress, lace is also a good choice. Lace is a never-ending trend for prom dresses to engage ment dresses, so you should certainly think about it!

Engagement Dress Advices Engagement Dress Advices

While maroon, black or dark colours on the spectrum are suitable for winter; lighter colours like baby-blue, yellow or pink are more suitable for a winter ceremony. Wearing a green, red or blue dress is a timeless thing to do.

Engagement Dress Advices 2 Engagement Dress Advices

Other important thing for choosing an engagement dress is considering your body type. If you define your body as a pear and want to hide your hips and show off your breasts; preferring an A cut, long engagement dress will be good for you. If you define your body as an apple and hide your breasts; you might want to choose a dress with a simple upper part. If you define your body as a rectangle; flat-cut dresses with are the best ones for you. And lastly, if you define your body as an hourglass; fish-cut dresses are the first ones you need to look at.

Whatever you want, whatever you like, what proportion you are; our online selling page is here for you!

You can also plan a big engagement party in an outdoor place. For a venue, hotel or another big place; fluffier and longer dress is a good choice. In terms of a big ceremony, engagement dress can be more over the top. When it comes to the having a ceremony at outdoors, season is also something to care about. Choosing a long-sleeved, long-length, thick and velvet dress is more reasonable for a winter or fall ceremony. But for a summer or spring ceremony, lighter dresses are the perfect choices. A flat-cut chiffon or satin dress with summer-appropriate colours will make you the most beautiful woman at your engagement.

Engagement Dress Advices 3 Engagement Dress Advices

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