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Traditional Turkish evening caftan dresses for women before the wedding is known as the celebration night henna nights are indispensable clothes, bindals and henna kaftans. The bindalli models, which are composed of two or three pieces, are preferred in red, pink, purple, green and navy blue. The bindalli and henna kaftans with embroidered embroideries are designed for all tastes. You can check out the stylish henna clothes in our category and buy what you want.

What is Kaftan and Bindallı?

It is an embroidered henna garment obtained by processing different patterns on the top of henna night or wedding apparel products, with different patterns on the top of velvet and or atlas fabric. The traditionally used henna night gowns, from the past to the present, are designed according to the latest fashion trends. Bindals consist of two or three pieces, but complete with henna crown and henna wall. Also known as henna cuffs, bindals usually have traditional motifs and are like the Ottoman sultans. Henna caftans, specially designed for men in the sultan’s costume, are produced in accordance with henna night organizations in all models.

Henna Dresses and Kaftan Models

Tulips, which are available in shawl or dress form, are decorated with silver, silver or silver colored flowers, leaves and branch motifs. Henna dresses models with belt at the waist as well as wide section of the arm section is highly preferred. In addition to the models of Circassian bindal, the models of the classical bindal and the models of Hürrem Sultan bindallı, they are now offered with traditional Indian dress, sarcophagus and caftan models inspired by different cultures. Hijabs for hijabs are also produced in veiled bindalli models. One of the most important details of the henna night after Bindallı is the henna glove and henna glove, which are usually sold as a team. The henna gloves, which are dressed in the hands of the bride so that the henna burns to other places, are also usually made of red and tulle. The embroidered or plain henna veils can also be preferred in red or different colors in tinted colors. The henna crown models, which are the most important complementary accessories of the basins, can also be composed of fancy stones and flashy hair accessories.

Kaftan Special Offers

Henna dress models, which are the most important elements of your henna night, are offered in colorful and impressive designs. You can choose the model that best suits your taste and budget among the models of bindalli and henna models with variable prices depending on brand, model, fabric and processing type, accessories. Under your bindallın you can choose a shoe-shaped slipper or evening dress with high-heeled shoes. You can sort bindallı prices in any interval by using price filtering option. You can visit our Henna Night category to see the stylish bindal models that will make your henna night unforgettable as well as the other products you need.